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Welcome toEvolve Psychiatry

At Evolve Psychiatry, we aim to provide quality mental health care in a comfortable, safe, and welcoming environment. Since our patients are our main priority, we place your needs at the top of our list. If you are experiencing symptoms or signs of a mental health condition or have been referred by a primary care physician, call us at 631-763-6030 to learn more about the services we provide or to schedule a consultation appointment.

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Our primary focus is psychiatric care. We serve both new and ongoing patients and hope to make a difference in each of their lives. Our team at Evolve Psychiatry strives to provide top-tier high-quality psychiatric care to all of our patients, regardless of their current health status. The main goals of mental health care are prevention, detection, and treatment completion. In its early stages, we aim to prevent the development of serious mental health concerns, especially those triggered by an existing condition. Once we diagnose a mental health condition, we shift our focus to halting the progression and implementing immediate action. Psychiatric care intends to treat conditions, prevent relapse or progression of a disease, and create a lasting relationship between patient and provider (or mentor) that extends beyond their condition.

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Our Services

Our services encompass a variety of treatments, therapies, and procedures aimed at treating mental health conditions and learning how to cope with symptoms. Despite being a medical specialty, psychiatry consists of a wide array of services, allowing us to provide both preventative and immediate care to a larger patient pool. The psychiatric services provided will depend on the patient’s condition and can range from mild to severe. Psychiatric conditions typically involve anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, and dementia-related disorders. We provide services such as talk therapy, behavioral and cognitive therapy, and more intensive treatments for those with progressing or chronic conditions. For severe cases, we can perform procedures as well or refer patients to an in-patient facility where they can receive ongoing treatment. During the initial consultation appointment, we will discuss the patient’s case and treatment options.

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Patient Information

Patient Information

We believe communication is key to successful patient outcomes. Developing strong patient-provider rapport allows for more honest discussion, which, in turn, yields more positive and effective results. Our patient-geared website intends to help patients easily navigate their healthcare needs, educate themselves about upcoming treatments, and schedule or reschedule appointments when necessary. During the patient’s first visit, we will need to collect information regarding the patient’s current and past medical history, insurance card, photo ID, and referral (if applicable). We urge patients to call our friendly front desk staff with any questions or concerns that come up any time before, during, or after treatment. We are here to help.

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